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Intelligent automation solutions are paving the way to transform our lives for the better. We need to realize that when automation works in synergy with the human workforce, the results are better, accurate, and resourceful. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these automation technologies play a significant role in workplaces too.

Automation is omnipresent, and its effect on human resources is evident. Intelligent automation solutions have become an integral part of our professional lives. The same goes for human resources.

Many HR professionals who use Salesforce are unaware of the ingenious HR apps the platform offers and that carry the power to change their work productivity for good. I’ve compiled a list of five HR apps on the Salesforce AppExchange that could make a difference for HR professionals.


The 100% goal management application based on the popular OKR framework helps align the OKR business objectives and track the key results in Salesforce. Very easy to use with the intuitive UI, the one hub design makes it hassle-free to set the objectives and track the KRs (outcomes).


The framework helps the companies become agile, improve constantly, and focus on company functions that will help in value addition.
In a bidirectional framework, the OKRs can be set from both top-down and bottom-up approaches.
The integration helps encourage collaboration and feedback in the procedure involving setting the company goals.
A framework that comes with short goal cycles, recommends constant monitoring of the goals to make the necessary adjustments and thereby adapt to changes that crop up.
It helps promote a culture of transparency, ownership, accountability, and trust within the company employees.
With the right tools and processes, the OKR framework is straightforward and adaptable compared to other frameworks.


Dubbed as the multilingual resume parser, it automates the recruiter’s job by fetching the candidate’s details from their resumes. The app helps you improve the hiring process, seamlessly add parsing, and create contacts in the Salesforce workflow.


The native lightning with a configurable UI helps you reuse the Salesforce contacts.
The parser auto-fills and populates the data fields, saving up to 89% of the candidate’s time.
The bulk import feature gives access to the structured data, and as an HR professional, you can parse multiple resumes in a single go and receive the information stored in the Salesforce environment.
This parser integrates with email inboxes and helps you parse the CVs in different email IDs.
Bias-free recruitment is now possible with this intelligent solution that helps you select the skills and fields for the selection criteria.


Next comes XCD’s cloud-based HR app managing the employee lifecycle. A complete people management solution on Salesforce, it’s also a single solution payroll and HR platform helping HR manage their time effectively. A complete HRMS/HRIS suite built on Lightning can be a perfect blend of payroll and HR needs, integrating AI-powered analytics and trimming down the admin time by nearly 70%.


XCD can be a great value addition for a business, enabling HR to manage the employee’s life cycle from the time they’re hired until they retire.
The automated HR systems save from manual data transfer errors like missing out on important information and reliance on spreadsheets that could corrupt or get deleted unintentionally.
It’s the sole application on the Salesforce platform that offers the HR, payroll, and expenses in a single solution.
The company using Salesforce CRM or any app on the Salesforce platform benefits from the reporting, dashboards, configurability, and mobile experience.
A single Salesforce.Org option for all applications, the app can easily integrate the data and business processes, plus the employees will know how to use it.


The app is designed to trim down the expenses, optimize, and enhance the productivity of companies whether they’ve just found their footing in the industry or are already an established name. The complete human resource management suite is native to Salesforce AppExchange and helps the HRs streamline and centralize their operations. The innovative, comprehensive, and scalable solution is designed to enhance the HR and employee experience.


It’s a valuable investment into a solution that helps you recognize employee achievement, find skilled professionals, and enhance the team’s productivity.
The time and attendance feature is a complete-time solution that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, online or via mobile.
Integrated on a Software as a Service Platform, it works flawlessly with the payroll to help the companies that work on the web.
Enhance the team’s productivity, lower the human workforce cost, and stay in sync with the compliances.
Created natively on the Salesforce Enterprise Platform, the app can be easily integrated with any 3rd party application or any existing Salesforce ecosystem.


This is one of the most robust native candidate background screening apps I found on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. The quick results, well-designed tools, and highly streamlined workflow, combined with easy-to-understand processes, make it a good pick for HR.


Minimize the data entry and save your time and effort by electronically collecting the forms via the app.
The integrated background screening feature enhances the abilities of Salesforce as an HR platform.
Customize your screening packages and order for the searches you require. Pay for what you order without any setup charges.
The app seamlessly integrates with Jobscience, Bullhorn, TalentObjects, Sage People, and other payroll platforms. It allows ordering screens from the candidate page without you having to leave Salesforce.
Reduce the risks of potential fines and penalties with a background screening service that includes Form I-9 and E-Verify.


HR Automation is here to stay. Choosing to embrace it to enhance work productivity is key to staying on track with the future. These five apps on Salesforce AppExchange are definitely worth a try if you want to get started.

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Intelligent automation solutions are paving the way to transform our lives for the better. We need to realize that when automation works in synergy with the human workforce, the results are better, accurate, and resourceful. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these automation technologies play a significant role in workplaces too.…Read MoreEveryone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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