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Whether creating job descriptions, conducting interviews, or communicating with candidates, we can’t eliminate the “human factor” from the recruitment process. Can we? But what we can take out is the “manual work” from the recruiter’s tasks.

Manual tasks like entering resume data into the database/ATS can get monotonous and take endless hours to complete. It can also be overwhelming to know that HR professionals must sift through and read every resume and cover letter that comes in. 

Fortunately, now they don’t have to spend hours of their valuable time finding a perfect candidate. Instead, there is a way to automate manual resume data entry tasks with a resume parser. But, let us first discuss the role of automation in recruitment.

What is Recruitment Automation?

Recruitment automation implies allowing companies to automate their recruiting tasks and systems to boost recruiter productivity, lower the time to fill, and reduce cost per hire. 

Why use Recruitment Automation?

Businesses use recruitment automation tools to streamline their hiring process. Companies looking to accomplish better outcomes in a short period and often with limited resources use innovative AI-powered tools.

7 Ways Recruitment Automation Can Enhance the Hiring Process

Recruitment comprises various activities and tasks like pre-screening candidates, sorting resumes, and onboarding. Recruitment automation can improve the hiring process by:

Eliminating the manual tasks
Streamlining the resume data extraction
Improving the quality of hire
Enhancing the productivity of the recruiter
Enabling businesses to find the right talent faster
Improving the candidate experience
Helping in diverse hiring

Are you prepared to transform your recruitment process with automation? Let’s know about some solutions that make a recruiter’s life easy. 

Automate your Recruitment Process with RChilli

Recruitment involves sorting numerous resumes daily. Innovative and advanced RChilli solutions such as cv parsing API, taxonomy, data migration, and search and match engine can help organizations take the pain out of the hiring process.

Our intelligent solutions include:

Resume/CV Parser

Resume/CV parser is an essential feature of many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). A resume parser plays a crucial part in the ATS. It analyzes a resume, extracts the necessary data into various data fields, and presents the recruiters with the information about the candidate in an easy-to-understand format. 

RChilli resume parser helps in recruitment by:

Saving the time of the recruiters by automating manual resume data entry 
Enhancing candidate experience with one-click apply
Reducing human bias with configurable data fields
Getting candidate data in your database in less than 2 seconds

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Search and Match Engine

The Search & Match Engine gives you the ability to search and match candidates and jobs with great flexibility.

Its insightful matching technology helps find the ideal candidate through normalized and enriched data, e.g., skills/ competency, domain, location, education, city, company, and job title. Some of the benefits of RChilli search and match engine are:

Some of the benefits of RChilli search and match engine are:

Helps to reach the right candidate by recognizing, filtering, and ranking talent    
Assists in finding the perfect candidate through skill mapping, domain, location, education, city, company, and job title
Helps to get all search keywords separately for a more refined result of your query through a query analyzer
Helps to get perfect candidates similar to the searched candidates within a fraction of time


Our taxonomy is a comprehensive library of skills and jobs alias which helps in easy recognition of a candidate’s expertise. Apart from focusing on a single keyword, our skills and job alias give you several keywords which can be used to get quality outcomes. 

It currently offers 9,00,000+ Skills and 5,50,000+ Job Profiles in multiple languages. 

How can Taxonomy assist you?

Get keyword recommendations and improve your search results.   
Create extra tags in the search engines, software like Solar/Elasticsearch, or custom-built.
Set a benchmark for storing resumes/jobs with the step-by-step classification of skills/job profiles.
Get the recommended skills and job titles.
Get govt. data-ready taxonomies as the product can now easily map with govt databases of the USA, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

Data Migration

When you migrate your data from an old ATS to a new one, you need to move users, jobs, notes, and other information. Isn’t it?

RChilli’s seamless and secure data migration solutions ensure that data is mapped completely, accurately, and intuitively. Following are some of the benefits of RChilli’s data migration solutions:

Lowers data migration cost for the recruiter
Quick synchronization of candidate and jobs data
Significantly save recruiters’ time
Streamlines the complex data structures and migrates effortlessly

Start automating recruitment tasks now!

With RChilli’s trailblazer cv automation technology, HR professionals can quickly fill their open positions, save costs, reduce human bias, and improve the candidate experience. 

RChilli offers an exclusive incubator program that is affordable, available at only $150. Would you be interested in it? Get your ATS/job boards working efficiently with AI-powered technology, and it won’t be long till you’re one of the most sought-after for both job seekers and HR managers.

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