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Employers review your resume before connecting with you. Given the many that apply, this usually takes seconds. Consequently, we  must use limited words while we also have to be sure that the resume is well-written and grammatically correct. 

The resume must say almost everything about the person. This should always start with pertinent information such as the person’s name and contact information.  

Next, is the Summary which briefly gives the audience an idea of what to expect as they continue to read the resume. It’s almost like a quick introduction. If written in a precise and concise way, one can give a very professional introduction. 

However, many people find it difficult to write a brief resume summary. Below are six (6) examples for your review. 

Example 1 – Professional Summary On Resume
Software development leader and technology evangelist with a strong leadership presence; is currently seeking a new role that will draw upon expertise in software leadership, data protection, business transformation, enterprise-level implementation, automation, analytics, AI, client relations, and strategic planning.

Example 2 – Professional Summary On Resume

An award-winning executive producer with expertise in creative direction and content development for numerous platforms (digital, broadcast, audio), is currently seeking a new role that will draw upon excellence in production operations, creative direction, editorial leadership, storytelling, audience engagement, business growth, content creation, and team leadership

Example 3 – Professional Summary On Resume

A global Operations Executive with measurable contributions to strategic planning for food production, wellness product development, retail team training, and production kitchen training, is currently seeking a new role that will draw upon expertise in retail planning, operational leadership, strategic alliances, business growth, cost control, and productivity improvements

Example 4 – Professional Summary On Resume

An expert Financial Analyst equipped with a solid background and experience in financial analysis and reporting, underwriting, and due diligence in real estate currently seeking a new role in asset valuation and management, cost analysis, as well as property management
Example 5 – Professional Summary On Resume
An experienced Producer and Video Creator with a strong background in creating entertainment and educational content is searching for new opportunities in project management, production, post-production, editing, visual storytelling, creative design, interactive content development, scheduling, and budget administration.

Example 6 – Professional Summary On Resume

A digital marketing expert with an accomplished career in the music business is currently seeking a new role that will draw upon proficiencies in social media marketing, talent relations, brand messaging, e-commerce business development, advertising, media buying, and project management.
​There is no ideal resume. It depends on the job. It is an important step one must pass before being called for that first interview.

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