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In the past, a resume and an individual’s overall outlook that included things like dressing, a good smile, and a nice way to talk were good enough qualifications to help someone get a well-paying job. Today, although the resume is still important, employers look deeper into the individual’s qualities like problem-solving skills, social attributes, numerical abilities, and logical skills before hiring.

These skills are not easy to take note of by a mere look at an individual but with the Wonderlic personality test, employers can easily pick these traits easily and hire the right employee. The test uses different types of questions to test various personality attributes to give accurate results. 

The Wonderlic personality test overview

Although the Wonderlic personality test is aimed at testing applicants for middle and upper-level jobs, most employers also prescribe the test for entry-level employees. Regardless of job level, group or designation, employers want to be sure of how the employee will behave and the personality they will likely display once hired. 

To test a potential employee’s personality attributes, the test uses the Wonderlic five-factor and seven-factor profiling questions. The five-factor questions test the individual’s primary personality indicators in terms of their emotions, extraversion, readiness to learn, acceptability within the work environment, and conscience. 

The seven-factor questions test the employee’s personality in terms of their emotions, demand for recognition, level of trust, assertiveness, how sensitive they are, intuition, and level of positive impression. 

The results are dependable and employers use them to get the ideal candidate for a specific job. For example, employees who intend to work in the front office must have excellent social, interpersonal, and communication skills. Those in the finance department require excellent analytical and meticulous skills to be productive. 

The Wonderlic personality test helps bring out the ideal personality for the best job match. Beyond the resume and physical appearances, employers can designate an employee in their roles according to personality type. 

Why use the Wonderlic Personality Test in the hiring process?

The Wonderlic personality test results are accurate and offer employers many benefits in the hiring process.

The test gives a good indicator of the individual’s decision-making skills

In the interview and screening process, it might be impossible to measure the applicant’s skills in decision-making while on the job. If an employee is slow in making decisions or makes the wrong ones, it can adversely affect the company’s performance. 

To get the right employee, the employer requires to present the applicant with a hypothetical job scenario to test how they would approach and solve a work-related challenge. With the Wonderlic test, employees are given choices for the correct approach in the workplace scenario. 

The test measures more than one skill

Employers would like to know the potential mix of skills possessed by a potential employee relevant to today’s business environment. To measure these skills, different types of tests are important and they must have relevant questions and scientific results.

The Wonderlic tests use various sets of questions to ensure employees’ competency in every area. The tests include questions that test employee’s verbal, numerical, logical, skills and work styles to help employers hire the best candidates and place them in departments that support their inborn skills. 

It sets the pace for a standardized hiring process

Due to employer’s and hiring manager’s human nature, a company’s recruitment process can become compromised and overlook hiring ethics like gender, color, and race equality. Due to pressure from relatives, a company might give special consideration to close relatives, friends, a specific gender, and race. 

To help overcome this bias, employers choose the Wonderlic test as a standard way of hiring and to give every jobseeker equal opportunity. Since the test is administered online, the employer might not have known any of the job applicants before the hiring process. 

It helps save time and money

The hiring process can be expensive and time-consuming if an employer chooses to do onsite hiring processes. They will have to forgo important business schedules to spend several days interviewing job applicants. The result will be loss of business and profits to the company. 

By choosing to use the Wonderlic tests, employers will create a chance to save time and concentrate more on serving their existing, new, and potential customers. The business will not lose any business opportunity and after hiring the right candidates through the Wonderlic tests, it will add their chance for more business and profits. 

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The results are dependable and employers use them to get the ideal candidate for a specific job
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