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Managing employees is difficult for businesses of all sizes. Luckily, with human resource management software, you can easily manage all aspects of your HR strategy, including everything from recruitment to employee engagement. 

HR software offers several advantages that can improve workflow and increase efficiency. Most of these tools are cloud-based, making accessing and storing employee data easy. Here’s how HR software makes your life easier. 


Spreadsheets have many advantages and just as many disadvantages for busy HR professionals. While spreadsheets make managing information easy, they can be hard to read and understand. HR software improves on the advantages of traditional spreadsheets while making data and information more accessible, minimizing the disadvantages of spreadsheets. 

Spreadsheets can easily become uncontrollable the more information you add to them. HR software allows you to easily sift through and access data when you need it to help you save time. 


Large workforces that are growing require extensive employee information tracking. Adopting better administrative tools helps to avoid issues associated with paper-based HR systems, including loss of valuable employee information. Administrators can easily track essential details such as paid time off, pay stub information, and resume details. 

HR software allows you to keep your employee data safe and accessible to improve efficiency within all HR functions. It also makes task allocation easier as you can make more people well-informed about the process, the number of employees, and employee availability. 


HR software contains detailed information about every employee to ensure better communication. Using employee information is easier with HR software than it is with a paper-based system because it doesn’t require you to spend hours of your time looking for one employee file. 

HR software can also support the communication efforts of different departments within the business, allowing for better collaboration. Employees who span different departments can easily work towards their goals, improving workflow. 

Essentially, HR software enhances communication with employees so you can contact them about HR-related information or use their contact details to send important memos, emails, and reminders. 

Risk Mitigation

HR software reduces risk, such as lawsuits and potential miscommunications. Many HR software provides read receipts so you can determine whether an employee has read your emails. You can also store employee reviews and write-ups to ensure an employee who is let go has all of the proper paperwork you need and to keep your business safe from a possible litigation. 

Better Security & Storage

If there’s a data breach or cyber-attack, you don’t want your employee information getting out. All documents, including employee credit checks, will be secured in the software. HR software improves your overall IT security to protect your employees during a data breach. Not only that, but moving all of your employee data to cloud-based software rather than a paper-based process allows you to keep all of your records safe from fire or floods. 


HR is more than recruiting and onboarding; it’s about learning ways to engage with employees and improve retention rates. Having more data about your employees won’t automatically improve your workflow or your relationship with your employees, but it can give you valuable insights into how to move forward. 

HR software can analyze data to generate information, including recommendations and projections. Using employee data, you can figure out which person to get involved in which tasks based on their skill sets and capabilities. 

Improved Onboarding and Development

HR software supports organization onboarding and employee professional development, helping to build staff engagement and motivation. Using HR software, HR departments can identify the training needs of employees and arrange for better on-site training. 

Cost Savings

HR software can help you save money by managing payroll and benefits in one location. HR management systems help you save money without cutting costs when it comes to your employees. For example, you can track data around health benefits to help you find the most cost-effective carriers while still providing your employees with benefits. 

Attendance Monitoring

If you’re walking around the office to make sure everyone is there on time, you’re wasting valuable time that could be used to get your work completed. Not only that, but you need to ensure your employees can’t lie about their attendance if you’re using an outdated system. 

HR software offers better attendance monitoring so you know your employees are where they should be when they need to be. Managers can also approve employee timesheets and send alerts when timesheets don’t add up to the correct number of hours. 

Better Benefits Administration

Managing employee benefits is a crucial task for HR departments, but the more employees you have, the more difficult it will be to keep everything organized. The cost of health insurance alone can be a huge challenge for HR departments and organizations. 

With government rules that are constantly changing, challenging paperwork, and the time that goes into the admin work, HR departments can quickly become overwhelmed. HR software offers benefits administration that automates benefit eligibility and calculations while allowing employees to choose coverage. Not only that, but HR software can integrate with your payroll to ensure the correct amount is automatically deducted from employee paychecks. 

Employee Self-Service

Without the right software, HR teams are left doing everything. HR software allows for employee self-service that allows them to figure out information about terms and conditions, salaries, and paid time off. For example, an employee can easily request time off using HR software instead of waiting for an appointment with an HR manager. They can also check how much paid time off they have left and view their timesheets.

Do You Need HR Software?

HR software is available for companies of all sizes and can drastically improve the way your HR department functions. Instead of focusing on paperwork and admin tasks, they can free up their time to focus on employee engagement and retention strategies to keep your top talent at your business for years to come. 

HR software benefits employees and businesses by simplifying processes to help your business save time and money.

About the Author: 

Matt Casadona has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Matt is passionate about marketing and business strategy and enjoys San Diego life, traveling, and music. 


Managing employees is difficult for businesses of all sizes. Luckily, with human resource management software, you can easily manage all aspects of your HR strategy, including everything from recruitment to employee engagement. 
HR software offers several advantages that…Read MoreEveryone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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