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How To Handle Your Performance Review

Are you anxious about the fact that your next performance review is just around the corner? If so, don’t despair because you are not the only one.
Performance reviews can keep almost every professional up at night leaving you worried about whether or not you will be able to excel in them. That’s quite normal. Nonetheless, it does not have to be that way.
You have to view yearly reviews as an opportunity to improve where you should and a chance to reflect on your mistakes and correct them. Think of employee assessments as better ways of understanding what your company expects from you, etc.
Employee reviews give managers a chance to better understand where you are going wrong and guide you in the right direction. If you know effective methods of doing well in your yearly reviews and prepare for them throughout the year you will not be worried about the nerve-wracking experience.

5 Tips For Acing Your Next Performane Review

Be Equipped For It
One mistake that most workers make when it comes to performance reviews is over worrying about assessments to the point of failing to prepare for them and allowing the nervousness to negatively affect their work.
The only way you can nail your next performance review is by preparing for it all through the year. Do the work, remain dedicated to what you do, and exceed expectations.
Be Mindful Of Your Behavior and The Way You Treat Others Throughout The Year
Your manager doesn’t just evaluate your work performance at the end of the year and stop there, your behavior, your effective communication in the workplace, as well as the way you work with your fellow employees is just as important.
So, be wary of how you treat other employees or customers throughout the year. Don’t be one of those people whom everyone labels as “grumpy, rude, and not fun to work with”. You really don’t want to be the reason for your colleagues to seek advice on how to deal with feuding coworkers.
Such comments often arise from your failure to be a team player, failing to value other people’s opinions or just failing to control your temper during misunderstandings.
Know and Understand What You Are Expected To Accomplish
This may sound a bit obvious but knowing and understanding what your employers are expecting from you will give you a reason to not be agitated when the next evaluation is around the corner.
So, write down everything you are expected to achieve and work towards making it happen. Learn how to quantify your accomplishments. It is also very important to not forget your deadlines. Set constant reminders for your deadlines to avoid missing any deadlines.
Bring Your Successes To The Performance Review Conversation
If you realize you have failed to meet or reach some of the set goals, make sure you bring or mention all of your successes during the review meeting with your manager. This will make you look good despite any failures you may have had.
It is also a smart way of getting your manager to focus less on your shortcomings and more on what you have achieved as well as your ability to still achieve more.
Highlight Areas You Have Improved In
Don’t forget to talk about how much you have improved throughout the year and the fact that you are still improving. The most important thing to note is that you can only talk to your supervisor about how much you have improved, if you have.
The best way of ensuring you keep on improving your work, attitude, or behavior, is by having a teachable attitude. Learn how to get along with your coworkers or Director and be willing to offer your assistance where needed.
In short, be a team player throughout the year and be constantly on the lookout for ways of improving your overall performance.


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How To Handle Your Performance Review

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