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How can an organization help to bring back women in the workforce? How does an organization retain women employees and gain from their contributions?

report by CNBC states that approximately 2.2 million women left the U.S. workforce since the pandemic began. Covid-19 presented a significant challenge for women in terms of home care responsibilities and childcare.

As an individual/organization, we must ensure that the pandemic doesn’t wipe out their years of endeavors. Let’s begin by understanding what women’s empowerment is and what it entails.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment can be defined as supporting, encouraging, and advocating their and other women’s ability to determine their choices. 

There isn’t any single way to define empowerment; it can be anything from influencing a social change to raising awareness about education and training. 

HRTech Conference 2021

The most awaited event of 2021 – HRTech Conference supports and welcomes the woman leaders at the conference. Here’s a view of the women speakers at the event:

Women in HR Tech

Watch out for the HRTech Conference scheduled for Sep 28-Oct1, 21 at Las Vegas. 

It has lined up some fantastic women speakers for the event.

Opening Session

Rebecca Henderson | The Pandemic Has Been Unforgiving to Women – Here’s How We Can Make a Difference

Rebecca will discuss how companies can give equal opportunities to women and help them achieve their career goals.

Closing Session

Maryann Abbajay | Meg Bear | Jill Popelka

Rising Through Change: Leadership for the Road Ahead

Maryann, Meg, and Jill will discuss their experiences and suggest varied approaches to building a hybrid work environment for leaders of new-age women.


Creating Gender Neutral Workforce

Let us address an important question – “How to achieve a gender-neutral workforce?” Here are a few points to make talent acquisition more inclusive:

1) Remove Gender Favoritism in Job Descriptions

Make small changes to discourage gender bias, use a gender-neutral tone such as “they,” “you,” “their” in job postings. Women are less likely to apply to job descriptions that contain “confident” and “driven,” as they are more likely to be associated with men.

2) Remove “unconscious bias” from the Hiring Process

What steps to take to reduce unconscious bias regarding gender and age? Industry leaders suggest going “blind” for resume review as it will help include the most relevant applicants in your interview procedure.

RChilli’s resume parsing software allows the configuration of data fields for bias-free recruitment. Users can enable/disable data fields if they think it can create bias, and the parser will not fetch data for the same. 

At RChilli, we believe in “equal opportunity for all.” We are proud of our women workforce and take pride in saying, “We Support Them.” Since the pandemic began, we have been working from our cozy corners, ensuring safety for all. We have an equal workforce of men and women and created equal opportunities for both genders.

3) Highlight Women as part of Employer Branding

-Candidates evaluate a company’s ideals and workplace ethics before interviews and accepting offers. Therefore, as part of successful employer branding, include your organization’s women workforce, showcase their profiles, and highlight their career path.

-Presenting equal opportunities to all genders for participation in industry events strengthens your employer brand.

4) Offer Flexible Work Schedules

The reality strikes hard on women, who have the dual responsibility of managing the home and office. Flexible office timing can help overcome this challenge. 

Flexi-work options can be made available to both men and women and do not apply to a particular section of society. Flexi-work hours shouldn’t be gender-specific rather all-inclusive. 

Team RChilli @HRTech Conference

RChilli is exhibiting at the HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas, at Booth No. 5507 from Sept. 28-Oct 1, 2021

Let’s connect at booth no. 5507 and discover what’s new in the HR Tech space.

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How can an organization help to bring back women in the workforce? How does an organization retain women employees and gain from their contributions?

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