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Are you tired of waiting to be found on LinkedIn and want to revamp your profile to gain more visibility? It can be daunting to find buyers overlooking your LinkedIn profile in their quest to find products and services similar to yours.

To increase your visibility and reach, you need what we call LinkedIn profile optimization. You also have to override the downsides of this powerful search engine professional platform to drive high-volume, targeted traffic to your profile. In other words, you require the right SEO metrics to catch the eye of prospective clients and customers on LinkedIn. Here, we intend to take you through essential pointers to improve your LinkedIn profile SEO and be found easily.

Why does your LinkedIn profile get suppressed?

 If you have used LinkedIn long enough, you would probably know how the platform is packed with C-suite entities, spammy salespeople, employees looking for a switch and college students updating their university career skills.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to optimize your profile with cover letters containing the right keywords, testimonials and a list of experiences. In this way, your profile will look much more professional and legitimate.

If you are one among them, then you are also likely to lose out. Your profile will not get the attention it deserves.

Time to tap into the powers of LinkedIn profile SEO 

It is important to use LinkedIn’s platform’s potential to drive high-volume, targeted traffic to whatever you publish on your profile. This will increase your reach and bring in new clients and valuable professional relationships. With the right LinkedIn profile SEO metrics in place, you will engage with modern buyers looking for well-constructed, informative and SEO-enabled LinkedIn profiles only.

LinkedIn SEO tips you cannot miss

To attain this, you have to ensure that your current profile is well-optimized to handle the business challenges faced by your target audience. You have to be ready to get noticed by prospective buyers or clients during their research phase. This will help you get the connection or conversation you are looking for.

The following tips will make your LinkedIn profile match with SEO best practices:

1. LinkedIn SEO – Build a keyword-rich profile

One of the most important tools of digital marketing is keyword research and use. It is critical to insert keyword-rich titles and subheadings in your profile to get the right hits. The most-searched keywords can be naturally spread across the entire length of your content so that your profile becomes easy to find.

Include the keywords used by people searching for your type of products and services in your job title.
The subheadings and descriptions should contain the primary and secondary keywords.
The keywords should not be ‘stuffed’ or appear repeatedly. Their insertion should be natural and relevant.
Try including the keywords across the “Experience” section.

It is recommended that you apply the basic SEO keyword ideas and principles to help prospective buyers and clients find your LinkedIn profile.

2. Keep publishing posts to boost your LinkedIn profile presence

Digital content marketing is an effective means of adding SEO principles to your LinkedIn profile. You can get favorable results by creating and publishing posts that are relevant to your niche. To go about the act:

Launch the LinkedIn site and look for the ‘start a post’ link.
Alternatively, publish a research paper, article, blog, or other writeups with backlinks to your website landing pages. Such posts help draw traffic to your portal and help visitors know what you do or sell.
Adding comments on trending posts or replying to the comments on your published posts will also help your profile get the visibility you desire.

Try repurposing content that once generated attention but has now gone low on the charts. The valuable insights shared in the post can gain prominence once again if you repost them through your profile with backlinks to your website.

Experts in LinkedIn profile SEO include a relevant, short, and exciting summary of the article or blog you are linking to. Do not keep the ‘link preview’ option on that post. Mostly, LinkedIn users (just like all other social network users) are not keen to click on links and may ignore your post. This will make your efforts fruitless.

Pro tip: Do not post the same content on your blog and LinkedIn. Duplicate content will bring down your search engine rankings. Publish original success stories, use cases, case studies, listicles, how-to guides, quick tips, videos, etc. – Google quite appreciates them!

3. Keyword-optimize your branding strategy

Your LinkedIn profile has certain sections that require attention when it comes to keyword placements.

The headline is the most important part of the profile and can make or break your efforts to be found. It is possible to use up to 220 characters when you are scripting the headline.
The ‘About’ section provides up to 2000 characters to work with. You have a good chance of increasing your discoverability by adding frequently used keywords to what your brand is all about, the benefits of using your brand, USPs of your brand, etc.
Many times, your job or position title may not contain the scope for keyword insertion. In such cases, try editing the experience title with the keywords that match your role or job scope with any company.
The experience description section allows up to 2000 characters in the copy to include keywords and enhance your searchability.

4. Image names can include SEO keywords

Upload image files to enhance the look or relevance of your LinkedIn profile. For instance, you may want to upload images on your LinkedIn profile banner. Here, you get the scope of including specific keywords along with your name. As Google indexes images, it is essential to keyword-optimize whatever files you publish to increase the chances of being found by prospects looking for businesses similar to yours.

5. Is your LinkedIn profile private, locked, or public?

The x-ray (Boolean) searching technique is used for making your LinkedIn profile visible to the public. It is possible to control all those sections of your profile that you want prospective buyers to view in Google searches outside of the LinkedIn platform. If you are in the job search mode, it is good to keep toggling these sections after making your profile public.

6. Your network and connections matter

It is essential to increase your network to connect to different hiring managers, recruiters, prospective clients, and customers. Remember, getting visibility for your SEO-rich LinkedIn profile will be challenging if you do not have 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree connections with the right resources.

7. The profile ‘funnel’

Relevant and accurate copywriting is another critical component of your LinkedIn profile and can convert it into a funnel to fetch new leads. Use your headline and cover photo to start funneling visitors to your profile’s media section or summary. After that, it will be easy to funnel them to your landing page or inbox. For example, once someone has read what’s written in your headline or LinkedIn profile picture, they will find it easy to know who you are or how they can get help by connecting with you.

Try using the media section on your LinkedIn profile page to include links and videos to your blog posts or website. It will help them decide whether they want to know more about your experiences, job roles, skills, experiences, education, etc. Adding videos to the media section ensures that this approach does not create bottlenecks or take visitors away from your profile. Overall, use the funnel concept in your SEO-enabled LinkedIn profile to make it well-structured, easy-to-grasp and visitor-friendly.

LinkedIn Profile SEO – Shortcut to Link Generation

The above LinkedIn optimization guidelines can help you transform your profile into a lead-generating mechanism. Along with these tips for enriching the visibility of your LinkedIn presence. You may also want to explore and test new ideas for advanced optimization. Talking to experts who know how to optimize content for social and professional network platforms is the right way to gain high-volume traffic for your website.

The base of your SEO strategy should start with in-depth LinkedIn SEO keyword research. Next, try to include the recommended SEO basics to make your profile more relevant and aesthetic. This will help you reach out to and build high-quality connections that will increase the capabilities of your network. Do not leave any chance to direct prospective customers and visitors to your customized profile funnel.


All you need to do is make a few simple adjustments to your existing or new LinkedIn profile. It is important to understand the needs and buying preferences of your business model and target customers to make the right impact. Gear up to get the maximum mileage from your LinkedIn profile. Start optimizing it, right away.

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Are you tired of waiting to be found on LinkedIn and want to revamp your profile to gain more visibility? It can be daunting to find buyers overlooking your LinkedIn… Read more
The post LinkedIn Profile SEO: How to Be Found appeared first on RecruitingDaily.Read MoreRecruitingDaily

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