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Hiring the right candidate is a massive challenge and one
that all companies must face when expanding or looking to replace staff. It’s a
challenge because although there are usually a lot of applicants, not all of
them will meet the desired requirements of the job, and on top of that, they
often need to fit in well with an existing team. HR has to assess each and
every application they receive, which can be time-consuming, and there aren’t
many ways to verify if the information the candidate has given is correct.

Lucky, one way that is making recruiting much easier is the
use of remote testing tools. This software can be used to accurately gauge the
skills and abilities of candidates and make it much easier for HR to determine
who would be the best fit for the role. Of course, it likely won’t be replacing
interviewing or CV screening, but it adds another layer to the recruitment
process and gives HR a better chance of finding the right person for the job.
Below are some of the top remote testing tools that can be used by HR to identify
candidate suitability.


TestGorilla is a
remote testing tool that aims to give employers the most effective tools for
screening candidates so they can make better, faster, and more informed hiring
decisions. The service allows recruiters to easily set up their own custom
assessment questions and send them directly to candidates, providing real-time
results and detailed reports.

The service also provides a test library with lots of
premade tests for all kinds of different roles. It’s incredibly simple to use
for both recruiters and candidates and has anti-cheat protection and mobile-friendly
features to ensure the whole process is as accurate and accessible as possible.


Adaface is a pre-employment assessment tool for engineering
and technology jobs. It’s one of the most advanced AI-powered discussion
platforms on the market. To make technical screening easier, the app includes a
built-in code editor. Coding is supported in multiple programming
, and there’s an advanced reporting function so recruiters can
properly assess how each candidate performed.

For in-depth technical discussions, Adaface employs an AI
chatbotand can be 100% automated for quickly screening a large number of
candidates in a short space of time. With this software, recruiters can easily
assess the technical capabilities of candidates andmove onto the interviewing

Athena Quotient

In most cases, a half-hour interview doesn’t reveal a
candidate’s technical knowledge and can often miss key
aspects of their personality
, including attitude, interest, integrity and
ambition. These are important aspects to consider when it comes to hiring the
ideal candidate, so recruiters need a solution to this problem. Luckily, the
Athena Quotient software aims to address this. It’s a high-quality
pre-employment personality assessment tool.

The HR manager can develop exams, design quizzes, and
analyse decision-making skills individually using this too, which is designed
specifically for assessing candidates. It can be utilised by businesses of all
kinds – small, medium, and large and includes customer quiz and assessment
creation, scoring and statistical analysis.

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HR has to assess each and every application they receive, which can be time-consuming
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