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If you’re job searching, you may consider having more than a paper resume. Graphic designers and other creative types have been using personal websites for years. Today, the idea is becoming more popular.
Two reasons stand behind this. The growing interest in remote work makes online communications more crucial. You will find that simple templates make it easy for anyone to produce a professional looking site without having to go to coding camp or art school.
Impress prospective employers and stand out by showcasing your qualifications in a personal website. Consider how to create and promote your personal website.

Create Your Personal Portfolio Website

Optimize the introduction. What employers want to see is your potential or the type of employee you will be without having to read a lot of content. Start with a strong About section that outlines a summary. Remember to mention your accomplishments where necessary.

Visuals are important. Take advantage of visuals. It can be anything including icons, photos, and formatting. Choose an appearance that will make your website attractive to others. Take pictures and browse online for free stock photos. If you use a software like Google Charts, you may even consider infographics.

Have a headshot. If you don’t want to pay a professional photographer, be sure to use natural light and a neutral background. Smile and wear something classic in dark or neutral solid colors.

Include your work samples. Depending on your industry, you might feature content you’ve created or case studies of noteworthy projects. Testimonials are valuable too, because what others say about you can be more persuasive than what you say about yourself.

Consider tabs. Chances are your work includes several aspects or you have a gig on the side. Try to use one website and create tabs or sections for different areas of your career.


Check contact information. How do you want to be reached? It’s a good idea to have a contact page as opposed to posting your cell phone number or home address on your personal website. 


Keep it real. Show your individuality, but please keep it professional. Mention some of the things that are not mentioned on your resume like your hobbies or perhaps volunteer work. For example, showing your pictures in swimwear may not be a good idea. 

Promote Your Personal Website

Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It attracts prospective employers and other people to your website. Use and apply some basic search engine optimization techniques. For example, research industry keywords and use headings and subheadings. You can find free SEO courses online from reputable organizations like HubSpot.

Include your website in your email signature. It’s a good idea to list your website address in your email signature. If you use a logo or a photo, please be sure it’s not too large in size or bytes. Otherwise, it may slow your email transmission speed or take too much space your Inbox quickly.


Release a newsletter. The tried and true idea of having a newsletter remains an effective way to stay connected. Make it compelling and useful and offer an easy way to cancel the subscription.

Update regularly. It’s easy to keep your website current, unlike outdated resumes that end up in the recycling bin. Post major changes promptly and start a folder for material you might want to add later, so you’ll remember it for future editing sessions.


Perform analytics. Studying your data will help you to evaluate your efforts and make changes as needed. Many website building and hosting companies have analytics built in to help you measure things like unique visitors and traffic sources.

Build your brand. Think about how your personal website fits into your online presence and your overall efforts to position yourself professionally. Maintain a consistent tone. Audit yourself occasionally, including your social media pages, to see that you’re projecting the image you have in mind.

A personal website could make your next job search faster and more successful. It’s one more tool that helps you stand out from the crowd and show an employer how much you have to offer.

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